The Power of Regression Therapy

Regression – how going backwards can actually take you forwards, for the better.

It is a soul’s destiny to search for truth in their experiences, in order to gain wisdom.
Michael Newton – Destiny of Souls

In this world we are surrounded by many things that lay cause for fear.

On the news, every day, we see chaos and conflict both overseas and closer to home. If it’s not global terrorism, then it is your local beach infested with sharks or the spate of unresolved burglaries within your neighbourhood. You might hear of stories where a man is jailed for murdering his wife, or a mother who has been accused of smothering her baby. How is it that these things can happen?

These are not the only things that cause fear in our hearts however. I don’t know about you, but I know that in my lifetime I have had a number of major fears: of never having enough money, of canstockphoto0219117being abandoned, of not belonging anywhere, of never being able to find love, and of being in a crowd of people. This is not my entire list of fears, but these are some of the more obvious ones I’m willing to admit. Perhaps some of these also ring true for you.

Here are some of the common fears I hear around me. On top of the list is the fear of never being good enough. Some fear never being attractive enough to experience a truly intimate relationship, and some conversely fear intimacy. You may know people who hold a fear of falling, a fear of heights, a fear of being underwater, a fear of cold, a fear of strangers, a fear of fire, a fear of earthquakes, a fear of driving, a fear of aeroplanes or trains. While a fear of spiders is almost common, I’ve even heard of someone who is petrified of cotton wool!

The list of fears goes on and on. I’m sure you can even add some of your own to the above.

While some may argue that fears are a natural process of our primitive brain, the esoteric argument is that many fears, especially the ones that appear to have no real basis in this life, are actually an echo of an issue that was left unresolved in a previous lifetime.

Now, you can try and tackle such fears and blockages through traditional therapies. Indeed many of you may have already tried talking to your Doctor or a Psychologist about them. Yet, if you have had little luck removing the underlying trauma, or even still have no idea why you hold such a fear, then you might want to look into an alternative method of therapy.

Many such people have found success in hypnotherapy.

What hypnotherapy does is put aside the conscious mind, via a range of diversion and other tactics, to approach and reprogram your subconscious mind. It is believed that the subconscious mind is responsible for 90% of our actual thoughts, and indeed regulates our emotions response to stimulus. That is, if you have a fear of spiders, when you see a spider your first instinctual response is actually stored in your subconscious. Therefore, if we are to remove your fear of spiders, it makes sense to tackle the subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy may be effective to this end.

Yet, what if there was something just as effective, if not more so? What if the real issue, the basis for the fear, is actually entrenched in a time beyond this current lifetime?tango para la mujer social

For example, sometimes, long before a relationship ends, you can begin to experience feelings of abandonment or loss. Or, since you were little you remember feeling a strong sense of fear around saltwater, making it impossible for you to ever experience fun at the beach. You may meet someone for the first time and have a strong sense of fear or anxiety around that person, or conversely even desire for that person. Their mannerisms may feel so familiar to you, and your reaction to them may be so strong that you swear you must have known them before, somehow. These can be difficult to treat with traditional therapies.

This is because lessons unresolved from a life long gone sometimes leak into this life, and they need overcoming or regression to clear. In this, regression therapy can short cut the long and troublesome process to clear the thing that does not actually belong in a current life situation. For traditional psychology and psychiatry only really tackles current life trauma and experience.

You may or may not believe in reincarnation. If you do, you will understand that we are a soul, an energy source, having a physical material incarnation, an experience for a lifetime. We wear each incarnation like a mask, like we are in a play on a stage. Elements of our pure soul self are also apparent in this life, but in many ways, we develop blocks to most of our soul knowledge sometimes to learn the lessons we need for our soul to grow. Some of these blocks are there for a reason. Some are simply transposed elements from past incarnations that no longer belong to us.

Regression therapy is a gentle yet extremely effective form of healing

Regression therapy is a gentle yet extremely effective form of healing

Now, whether you believe in reincarnation and in past-lives or not, regression therapy can still be super effective. Like with hypnosis it still does access the subconscious mind. It is through an altered state, a REM state to be exact, that we can access memories that underlie any issue and bring about a resolution of symptoms.

An effective therapist facilitates your mind and allows it to experience, and thus can establish the source of the block. This brings to the surface true realisation of the issue and in doing so, such fears and blocks can be effectively removed.

Through regression therapy, fears can become the life lessons they are supposed to be, and our opportunity to learn and grow as we were meant to becomes more evident. Regression therapy is simple, gentle, and effective. You are in complete control the whole time. It can, in fact, rapidly change your life.

Many have experienced this, and you can too.

Through regression therapy, you will come to realise that this life, how you see your world now, is just one part of one very big picture. While our fear of death is one of the most common fears in human existence, many even lose their fear of dying following that first regression. You will quickly come to realise that death is not the end, but just another phase of the journey.

The truth is, we never really die. And if we chose to, we are born again to face a new kind of life, a life of our choosing.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be writing on some success stories and real past-life regression experiences. Stay tuned!


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Dana Parker is a natural intuitive with an inquisitive mind and desire to see the world for what it truly is.

Her quest to know about things, and about people, has taught her that the most valuable thing we can do, is know ourselves, so that we can then truly know others.

Like many, Dana has experienced true and debilitating fear during large parts of her life. It was after her first regression session that she experienced the full and complete power of regression. After seeing the value for herself, she became determined to facilitate this experience for others.

Her clients are now also strong advocates of regression therapy, after experiencing significant shifts following only one session.

Dana is a certified regression therapist, and has studied with the Australian regression therapy pioneer, Toni Reilly (of Soul Life) and the infamous Dr Brian Weiss (author of Many Lives, Many Masters).

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