“You CAN evolve, you just need to know how
Your life is yours, CREATE it.
I won’t just show you.
Let me teach you how.”
Dana Parker – Spirit Butterfly

Do you suffer or have you suffered from any of the following:

  • Anxiety &/or stress?
  • Feel like you’re running out of time, yet going nowhere?
  • Feel that you should be doing something else?
  • Can’t seem to move your life forward?
  • Unending curiosity about ‘stuff’?
  • A desire to understand your true purpose?
  • Have fears/phobias that don’t make sense?
  • Fall into troubled relationships?
  • Missing someone who is no longer in your life?
  • Work place stress or illness?
  • Chronic pain or illness?
  • Chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia?
  • Difficulty sleeping or need too much sleep?
  • Difficulty exercising or slow metabolism?
  • Addictions &/or OCD?
  • Dyslexia &/or other learning disability?
  • Unable to be assertive?
  • Suffer excessive feels of guilt or shame?
  • Lost relationships / important people in your life?
  • Just curious to know where you’re at?

Book a Psychic Reading and start your journey to understanding and healing!

Dana uses a range of reading, facilitation and healing modalities, such as:

  • energetic and auric reading/healing;
  • past-life regression therapy and hypnosis;
  • psychic mediumship;
  • tarot and oracle card readings;
  • dowsing;
  • guided mediation; and
  • movement meditation therapy.

More than just a reading service, that just tells you about a possible future, we want to discover the real situation. By tuning in to spirit and establishing the energetic blocks that prevent you from achieving a satisfying life, we can allow conflicts to resolve and situations to ease through awareness, facilitation and experience.

Let’s awaken you to enable self-healing (which we are designed to do), and to reclaim the power to create your life.

You’ll be surprised how much fun it can be!