Time to let go? Harness the Power of the New Moon

Bring new and exciting things into your life … 

Like it or not, we live in a world full of things that can challenge your desire to live a healthy and happy life.

Usually, the things that challenge us most are those old things that continue to clutter our emotional wardrobe. Want a new relationship to forget about that old one that went sour? Wishing you could eat better and stop those fatty or sugary food cravings? If only you could stop giving yourself a hard time! (is your inner voice “the critic” beginning to sound like your mother?) Want a brand spanking new job to move on from that old job that you hate so much?

girl sitting in sunlight on cliff unsplashWell, while you may have tried and failed at ‘logical’ attempts to attract new things into your existence and curb your old behaviours, there are other ‘energetic’ practices that can work for you to shift old patterns and people out of your life for good! Here’s how it can work with the energy of the Moon )O(

Just like the Moon shapes the tides, so too can it shape your energy. Remember, the ocean is made out of water, and so are you! Well, close to 80% of you is made up of water. So it makes sense that the moon can shape your tides, the ebbs and flows of your energy.

The Moon shifts through a number of cycles that change the way we access and express universal energy. Hooking into this cycle can bring your individual energy in greater synchronicity with the universal flow of energy. This means, when you are in need of energy, you can ask the universe for it and this can then be directed to you. Using moon energy can support you in your work to solve the challenges in your life.

Dark Moon – the phase of the moon where no visible light can be seen reflecting back to earth. This dark moon is often associated with bringing up dark or unwanted emotions or behaviours that wish to be cleared and released. Sometimes in the lead up to the dark moon, you will feel out of sorts – like things are not working out for you. It is in this moment you will desire a change or shift. This is to prepare you for the promise of the new moon. When new things become possible.

new moon picNew Moon – the phase of the moon where it begins to reflect light back to the surface of the earth. This you will usually see as a small crescent shaped light ( During this time make a list of ‘wishes’ for new things to come into your life. This might mean wishing for a new romance, a new job, a new project/hobby or new friends to come into your life. Usually the energy of the new moon lasts for around 8 hours for ritual purposes.

Full Moon – the phase of the moon where it is completely 100% visible on earth. The psychic energy is very high and amplified at this point. It is a good time for manifesting, for drawing in more light to your physical body, and for amplifying the effects of a reading or ritual. Watch out though. It is also the time when many unknowingly walk around with a very active crown chakra – leaving some people to feel like they are loosing their mind (there is a reason for the term luna-tic – LUNA is latin for Moon). The energy of the full moon can carry across 3 days, so be warned!


And so, when the time is right, here is what to do to let go & create space for new and exciting things to enter:

Step 1 – find out the date for the next new moon

Step 2 – consider the things, be they behaviours, situations or people, that you wish to let go of.

stealing_the_moonStep 3 – At the time of the dark moon (immediately prior to the new moon), find a quiet place to sit. Close your eyes and breathe. Focus on connecting with mother earth to ground yourself, then lift your attention to the moon. Set the intention (you can say it out aloud or in your mind) to “use the energy of the dark moon to release old behaviours, situations or people that no longer serve you.” This is where you write down a list of a piece of paper of what those things are.

Step 4 – Once you have finished, tear up the piece of paper, or if you are comfortable with using fire, burn it.

Step 5 – within 8 hours of the new moon, again sit down in a quiet place (or stay there if you will do the two together). Connect again with mother earth, and then with the moon, setting the intention to “use the energy of the new moon to bring in new behaviours, situations or people that serve me and my highest purpose.” On a new clean piece of paper, write up to 10 “wishes” of what you desire to bring into your life. The more specific you are, the more specific the result will be!

Step 6 – Allow the universe to shift the energy and support you! Results can take between 1-3 months so be patient. With regular use, you can build this ritual into your regular manifestation practice, and build yourself an energetically balanced and high life!

Now, if you miss the moon cycle times, never fear. You can still perform the ritual and have it take effect. When you choose the time to sit, simply add at the beginning in the setting of intention an invocation to the moon phase like: “At this time, I call upon the energy of the most recent dark/new/full moon to attend me in this ritual.” While it is not as powerful, it can also assist if you cannot wait until the next moon phase.10917277_10153097049648706_5805003488173958621_n

On this new day of the new Moon in Cancer, I wish you a beautiful start to a magnificent and powerful month! Allow your light to come forth, and dream big! The universe needs you.

For a good website for Australia to check out exact times and dates for the moon cycles see: http://www.calendar-australia.com/lunar-calendar/current-moon-phase/


Yours in evolution, always

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Dana Parker – Intuitive Guide


Dana Parker is a natural intuitive with an inquisitive mind and desire to see the world for what it truly is.

Her quest to know about things, and about people, has taught her that the most valuable thing we can do, is know ourselves, so that we can then truly know others.

Like many, Dana has experienced true and debilitating fear during large parts of her life. And through this, she has discovered spirit and evolved to be a talented psychic medium, past-life regression therapist, movement and energetics therapist and healer.  After discovering the value of spirit work for herself, she became determined to facilitate this experience for others.

Her clients are now also strong advocates of her work, after experiencing significant shifts following only one session.

Dana is a certified regression therapist, and has studied with the Australian regression therapy pioneer, Toni Reilly (of Soul Life) and the infamous Dr Brian Weiss (author of Many Lives, Many Masters).


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