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Cleansing and clearing your energy through the act of smudging can play an important role in your life, especially if you are energetically sensitive and often feel you are picking up energies that don’t belong to you.

Loretta De Pellegrin’s smudging wands. Available at her Etsy store ‘HeartSoulSpirit’, head there by clicking on the photo!

Smudging is an ancient ceremonial practice and powerful tool that can be used to cleanse, clear and protect your energy from lower vibrations. It has been used for thousands of years in Native American culture to assist with healing and cleansing.

Are you energetically sensitive? Do you occasionally feel just a little bit off for no apparent reason? Sometimes this can be the result of picking up other peoples dense and negative energies, which can unknowingly rub off on your energetic field, leaving you to feel off centre. This can especially happen after visiting busy places, social settings, after having an argument with a friend, while giving healings, and many other ways.

Scientifically, it has been proven that the smoke from white sage conducts negative ions, changing the chemical composition of the air surrounding us. Negative ions have been confirmed to assist in uplifting ones mood as it can help clear the air and denser energies in airborne particles that may be floating around.

Loretta De Pellegrin’s smudging wands. Available at her Etsy store ‘HeartSoulSpirit’, head there by clicking on the photo!

You can sage yourself, others, houses, healing spaces and even any objects you may feel are in need of some clearing. It is best to intuitively feel into when it is necessary to perform a clearing, though as a basic guideline I would suggest smudging yourself (especially) and your home at least weekly if you are energetically sensitive. It is also significant to note that smudging is a powerful tool to clear the energy of items that may have been passed down to you through many different sets of hands, or the energy from second hand clothes – you never know what energies may be held in these items or who they may have been around!

It is important to set a clear intention as you work with the sage in a ceremonial manner. Presence, mindfulness and focus on the intent are a great way to connect with the spirit of the sage so that he/she may work with you. It is also essential to give thanks and gratitude to the plant spirit of the sage for working with you and assisting you to cleanse, clear and protect the space.

Where to get it?

Loretta De Pellegrin’s smudging wands. Available at her Etsy store ‘HeartSoulSpirit’, head there by clicking on the photo!

Sage is easily obtainable from any New Age bookshop, crystal shops, metaphysical stores, or online, and can often be found to be combined with plants such as Lavender or Frankincense. It is possible to buy it in the form of a wand (a tight bundle of sage which usually burns for longer – we love these for clearing larger spaces such as homes!) or loose leaf. You can also easily dry your own sage to burn if you live near any sage bushes – just wrap it in string and hang it up until fully dried!

It is also important to have a heatproof container or shell to hold the sage in while it burns, which will also help you to put it out. Having sand in a container is handy, allowing you to put the sage out with ease once you are finished using it.

Once you have cleared the intended space, you may bury the sage ashes if you feel so inclined. This way they can be recycled by mother earth, as it is believed the ashes pick up the denser energies. Disposing of them consciously can help contribute to a clearer and more thoroughly cleansed environment.

Here is a basic outline of how to smudge yourself or another:

  • First, hold the intention and have it clear in your mind – you may also feel to say it out loud. The intention may be something along the lines of ‘I intend for this sage to cleanse, clear and protect

    Loretta De Pellegrin’s smudging wands. Available at her Etsy store ‘HeartSoulSpirit’, head there by clicking on the photo!

    my energy to its highest possible degree so that I may be in alignment with my highest aspect’.

  • Next you may light the sage with a match, candle or lighter. Sage should be lit like incense, where you blow out the flame so that the smoke may begin to burn.
  • Slowly, with your presence and focus of intention, move the sage around the body – I usually go from above the head, down through the face, body, arms, legs, and bottom of the feet. I do the front first then move onto the back, though you may feel intuitively to begin elsewhere. You may want to use a feather or smudging wand (we LOVE Loretta’s amazing smudging wands!!) to help disperse the smoke around your auric field, or simply using your free hand or the sage bundle will do. Certain areas may feel more energetically dense. If this is the case you may feel inclined to stay in these areas for longer to ensure that these dense energies are being cleansed and purified.
  • After you feel as though you have thoroughly and mindfully saged the entire energy field you may put the sage out, while giving thanks and gratitude to the plant spirit for working with you.
  • Lastly you may bury the ashes if you feel called to.

This general outline can also be used for cleansing and clearing spaces such as homes. It is important when saging a home to ensure that you open all cupboards and doors, so that the smoke may get in places where the energy could be especially stagnant. All rooms of the house should be done, while ensuring that corners are especially smudged. Corners are where energy can often build up. Smudging yourself with sage before and after cleansing the house can also be useful, so that you may maintain your own energetic integrity throughout the process.

Another important key note is that smudging can also be done with many other plants, as most smoke is clearing! We love to use Frankincense, Palo Santo and Dragons Blood, which also clear the air and cleanse your aura from any dense energies, so that you may maintain your energetic integrity. You may smudge with these plants the same way as you would the Sage. Many oils are also great energy cleansers, such as Lemon oil, and they are so easy to diffuse in your home!

Happy smudging – may you be cleansed, cleared and protected from any dense or negative energies so that you may stand in your power!

Yours in Spiritual evolution,

Dana & the Spirit Butterfly Team xx.


Dana Parker is a natural intuitive with an inquisitive mind and desire to see the world for what it truly is.

Her quest to know about things, and about people, has taught her that the most valuable thing we can do, is know ourselves, so that we can then truly know others.

Like many, Dana has experienced true and debilitating fear during large parts of her life. And through this, she has discovered spirit and evolved to be a talented psychic medium, past-life regression therapist, movement and energetics therapist and healer.  After discovering the value of spirit work for herself, she became determined to facilitate this experience for others.

Her clients are now also strong advocates of her work, after experiencing significant shifts following only one session.

Dana is a certified regression therapist, and has studied with the Australian regression therapy pioneer, Toni Reilly (of Soul Life) and the infamous Dr Brian Weiss (author of Many Lives, Many Masters).



Eloise (Ellie) Fielke is passionate about spirit work and connecting with ones intuition to allow for the abundance life can bring.

Her mission is to bring healing and knowledge to the planet. After dealing with multiple health issues she is now driven to do spirit work by the innate healing capabilities and powers we as humans encompass, especially once connected with spirit. She is inspired and motivated by the true joy and knowledge spirit can bring to our lives, which can allow for emotional resolve and the deepest healing of ones being.

Ellie is a gifted natural healer attuned with higher dimensional frequencies and supported by an incredible spirit team she feels blessed to work with. Knowing that her innate qualities benefit from tangible, physical training she is currently furthering expansion by undergoing psychic and mediumship training. She feels privileged to be working with some of Melbourne’s high vibrational professional psychic mediums and spirit channels, and is also undergoing various shamanic trainings.

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