Sacred Sister Soul Circle – ONLINE @ ZOOM link
Sep 12 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Sacred Sister Soul Circle - ONLINE @ ZOOM link

A sacred sister circle is an opportunity to get together with our sisters and celebrate each other and our lives. It is a calling to share with one another your experiences in a safe and nurtured space, one held for the common good to experience the support of community.

Further to this, a sister circle also offers you an opportunity to detach from everyday life for a few hours: to regain your focus and clarity on who you are, and who you choose to be. You will be acknowledged as the sovereign being you are and encouraged to be your absolute authentic self. It will also offer you spiritual healing, as well as intuitive, meditation and journeying practices.

Dana is a well-regarded and highly attuned collective spirit channel, with experience holding and facilitating collective events. As a part of this circle, she is offering sisters, who feel called, spiritual guidance via channeled information from the Ascended White Light Women Collective – a collective of Divine female ascended masters, whose mission it is to assist the sacred feminine to arise. She will also align with the Sacred Rose frequency, an archetypal frequency closely associated with the sacred feminine.

If you feel so called,

this sister circle offers you:

a shared, nurtured and held space to share and be witnessed;
>> intuitive practices to revel in the body, mind, and spirit;
>> increased magnetism to call in transformation and arise to your fullest potential;
>> opportunity to build courage and stand in your absolute authenticity;
>> a space that recognizes your wholeness as a sovereign being;
>> commune with sisters & experience community;
>> celebrate our oneness (connection) through ritual, song, and dance;
>> conscious energy work: healing and revealing;
>> journeying through time (past/present/future lives) with sisters in union;
>> channeled messages, as inspired for those attending;
>> collective prayer to inspire greater love, compassion, and peace for the planet.


Once you register you will be provided with the meeting URL. Please ensure you sign onto the meeting at least 15 mins prior to start, to ensure you can get on. Grab yourself some water, a cup of tea, and have a notebook and pen with you. We also recommend you have a candle, and even build yourself a mini-altar to lift the vibration of the space as we work. A worksheet on how to build an Altar will be provided ☺

You can read more about zoom at


We are alive during a time of great change. The sacred feminine is rising!! It is an ideal time to work in such a sacred space and to be held by loving and compassionate women.

This year is also a number 11 year, which represents one of incredible manifestation potential. The energy can offer profound gains, but also an unsettling feeling of sacrifice, distress, and frustration as you come to realize that the life you wanted and planned for, might need upgrading. Let your sisters hold you during this time of incredible transformation. You need not be alone, and indeed as women, we flow nicely when we feel supported by a community. This circle will help you stay relaxed and feel supported as you work through your potential for genuine heartfelt creation. Embody more of your unique magick!



All women who feel called to this circle are welcome with open arms.


Every 2nd Wednesday (11 July, 8 August, 12 September)
Log onto ZOOM 15 minutes prior
Circle begins at 10AM MDT / 12NOON EDT (USA) / 5PM (UK) / 6PM EUROPE / 2AM AEST and runs for approximately 2 hours

Cost is by donation: $35 per session or $90 for 3 (paid in advance)
**This is a closed circle of 12. Please contact to inquire about available places.

TICKETS are now available:
*Write in the notes your name & the dates you’ll join

$90 for 3 in succession
Pricing in U.S. dollars and Dana is closing each circle to 12.

** Note: you need a stable internet connection (or wifi) and a computer/laptop with sound/microphone. Most modern laptops meet this criteria, but some desktops might not. (in this case you may need to buy a headset). Please test your computer if you have never before used Skype, FaceTime, Messenger Audio or communicated via an online platform. The easiest way is to test call a friend via Facebook Messenger and see how you go.

You may also be able to log-in via phone.

Get in touch with the beautiful Katie Hilborn. She is a magical woman blessed with an incredible ability to bring the right people together. It is she who brings Dana to you and supports her as she travels. For this, please show her your love.