“To find harmony within oneself is to be in the creation zone of life - a space where your dreams or pursuits are not blocked by illness, disease, stress, relationships (or lack thereof), a lack of finances, insecurities or fear.”

Dana Parker - Spirit Butterfly

Life can, and does, offer challenges to our being in the creation zone. That space where we feel ok to build and live the life we want - to find our harmony.

In fact, life and its circumstances can push and pull us into spaces that leave us uncomfortable and disconnected from our true selves. Do you suffer from any of the following:

  • Anxiety &/or stress?
  • Feel like you’re running out of time, yet going nowhere?
  • Feel that you should be doing something else?
  • Can’t seem to move your life forward?
  • Have fears/phobias that don’t make sense?
  • Fall into troubled relationships?
  • Missing someone who is no longer in your life?
  • Work place stress or illness?
  • Chronic pain or illness?
  • Chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia?
  • Difficulty sleeping or need too much sleep?
  • Difficulty exercising or slow metabolism?
  • Addictions &/or OCD?
  • Dyslexia &/or other learning disability?

Sometimes it can feel like all that we are is disharmony – we become out of sync with our true nature, we become trapped in the stress cycle and find ourselves unable to move forward in a way that sits well with us.

Conflict is a part of life, yet sometimes conflict wounds us so much that it prevents us from being able to feel fulfilled or resolved.

We are born to fly, to soar on the winds of life and to evolve with each life experience, creating as we go. Yet instead, we often allow the weight of our life to crush our fragile wings, in a rush to get to the finish line. To become the Spirit Butterfly we were born to be, we must fly upon the winds of life, high above the things that would hold us down.

I want to help you find resonance within your life. The goal is to help you find harmony within yourself, to maintain it when life gets challenging, and to recall a space of joy for a long and fulfilling life.

Let me show you how to find a resonance within your world - to reclaim and maintain your creative inspiration, owning your energy for life. You can learn to see conflict as the opportunity to evolve that it can be. Learn more about yourself and how you can bring back an energetic harmony for life.

We can do this together via a range of reading, facilitation and healing modalities, such as:

  • intuitive guidance;
  • energetic and auric healing;
  • spirit guide communication;
  • past-life & regression therapy and hypnosis;
  • tarot and oracle card readings;
  • psychic mediumship;
  • dowsing;
  • guided mediation;
  • personal intuitive development (soul coaching); and
  • movement meditation therapy.

I offer more than just a reading service that just tells you about a possible future. The aim is to connect to the spirit world to discover your energetic blocks, and allow you to find and resolve your own conflicts and situations through awareness, facilitation and experience.

It is to awaken you to enable self-healing (which we are designed to do), and to reclaim the power to create your life.

You CAN evolve,....................
you just need to know how.
Your life is yours, CREATE it.
Let me show you how.